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Pete Frittitta, MBA

Client Strategic Services

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Office Phone: 262-953-7161

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What motivated you to become an insurance professional?

The complexity and the constant state of change of the industry presented itself as an exciting challenge to me over 30 years ago - and it still does. I have never been bored!

How do you help your customers overcome their challenges?

I first try to learn more about their business and what they know about compliance issues. I listen to their concerns and provide them with an assessment and recommendations. I love providing different options when possible.

What did you wake up excited about today?

Literally, looking to see what has changed from a compliance standpoint.

What are you most looking forward to with your work in the year to come?

Everything! Whether I'm dealing with compliance status quo (if there is such a thing) or new compliance requirements, they are all opportunities to help our clients!.

How Can I Help You

Today's businesses have more obstacles to remain competitive than ever before. Be secure in the knowledge that our experienced team is on hand and at your side to provide customized employee benefits solutions for your business. It's our promise to help manage your healthcare costs, monitor compliance, and improve the overall health of your employees.


  • Master of Business Administration; Direct Marketing & Healthcare Marketing - Marquette University, WI