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Independent Medical Examinations Combat Workers Compensation Claims

Posted by John Brengosz

Independent Medical Examinations (IME's) are one of the most useful tools to combat workers compensation claims that have "fraudulent" qualities. In many claims, treatment seems to go on and on with no end in sight. IME's can be useful to establish an End of Healing, address whether or not injuries are work-related (perhaps by reviewing a job description of a job video), and to address an individual's ability to return to work or future restrictions. It is important to note that an IME doctor can AGREE with an injured worker's treating physician also. 

David Crawford, owner of the Crawford Evaluation Group has assembled a panel of doctors that perform IME's. These are specialists in all fields, that write good reports, are credible, and actively treating. All of these things are very important. Ultimately, an employer should want an IME report that will be viewed as credible in the eyes of an ALJ at hearing.

David Crawford
Crawford Evaluation Group - http://www.crawfordevaluationgroup.com/

Topics: Insurance Claims, Independent Medical Examinations, Workers Compensation