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The Importance of Surveillance Vendors and Insurance Claims

Posted by John Brengosz

Surveillance Vendor Request Form

RED FLAGS: Do you have a claim that looks like it could get expensive? Do you have information or co-workers telling you the employee is involved in outside activities, leagues/sports, second job? Are you aware of pre-existing conditions to the same body part? Does the employee have difficulties at home or have requests been denied for vacation time (hunting season)? Was the claim filed on a Monday morning, or after a holiday weekend? 

Surveillance vendors are key partners for insurance claim adjusters and self-insured companies. Unfortunately, there are times when claimants exaggerate, malinger, or are being outright fraudulent (Have any of those?). It can be a useful tool to get a claim moving in the right direction or to reduce the amount of a settlement.

Patrick was also kind enough to share a surveillance request form, which you can download here.

Scheduling surveillance at the same time as the Independent Medical Examination is a good strategy also as you KNOW the claimant is leaving the house.

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Topics: Insurance Claims, Surveillance Vendors