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Cyber Insurance


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66% of businesses reported significant revenue loss due to a cyber attack. Cyber insurance can help you survive the attack.


The total average cost to recover from a ransomware attack was $1.85 million in 2021. Besides the actual ransom request, reputational and internal costs can be just as relevant.

Business Cyber Threats

  • Viruses & Malware: A computer program implemented by threat actors to gain unauthorized access, steal data, or cause damage to computers, computer networks, or other computing systems.
  • Cyber Extortion & Ransom: An event where cybercriminals lock, disable, or compromise the operations or data of an organization and their systems, and subsequently request payment to reverse the effects of their actions.
  • Data Breach: A security violation in which sensitive, protected, or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen, and/or used by an individual that is unauthorized to do so.
  • Identity Theft & Social Engineering: Fraudulent activities such as theft, deception, and manipulation that result in access to sensitive information, impact to credit history, even significant financial damage and loss.
  • Invoice Manipulation / Misdirected Payment Fraud: One of the most effective cyber attacks organizations face is receiving an electronic bill or request for payment change from a known vendor with payment details to a fraudulent account. The payment is made and the attack isn't discovered for weeks.
  • Social Media Attacks: The use of social media to attack, disparage, and/or harm an organization by releasing sensitive information, creating fake accounts, sharing doctored images, and more, with the intent of causing reputational damage.

R&R's Two Step Approach

Sharing cyber security Best Practices is a given for the R&R team, but our unique value is to build or assist in developing your organization's Cyber Continuity Plan and back it up by going to market for Cyber Insurance.

  • Customize your organization's Cyber Continuity Plan: If your organization were hit by a cyber attack, who would you call first? Having a plan means you've defined the role of vendors, trained staff on best practices, conducted mock attack tests, held regular meetings with your IT team among many other best practices. R&R will work with your team to ensure the right plan for your organization is in place.
  • Back up your defense with Cyber Insurance: R&R Insurance began seriously developing its Cyber Division in 2018. The foundation of this division was solid relationships with the top cyber insurance carriers. Rapidly rising costs and a growing list of exclusions means organizations need a well informed agency to find the right coverage.

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