Self-Funded Health Insurance Reform Loopholes

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes numerous reforms affecting the health coverage that employers provide to their employees. If a group is self-funded, many of those requirements are out the window!

Here are a few items in the Health Care Reform Law that won't apply to self-funded plans:

  • "Essential Health Benefits" - 10 required categories
  • Medical Loss Ratio Rules
  • Small Employer Tax Credit
  • Review of Premium Increases
  • Annual Insurance Fee

Finally, there are a few things that do apply to self-funded health insurance plans, and for that, well, we'd like to share that in person. So click the blue "Contact Me" button on the left if you'd like to have a conversation about self-funding your health insurance. We'll walk you through the pros and the cons of self-funding and help you decide whether it's right for your company. We think you'll be surprised!

Self-Funded Loopholes

Loopholes in Reform for Self Funded Health Insurance
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