The term "individual" health insurance is used to distinguish itself from "group" insurance provided by an employer. "Individual" however, can in fact be for one individual person, a spouse, dependent children or an entire family.

R&R Insurance can provide free quotes and handle all of the shopping for some of the best choices and value in health care coverage. Don't waste time filling out forms on other websites that will then hound you with email.  Our individual health insurance specialists will collect your information and submit it to several carriers for the best coverage to fit your needs and your budget.

Self Employed?

You'll find great coverage at manageable rates with R&R Insurance for your health insurance if you are self-employed. We've got articles related to being self employed and resources to help you with your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Losing Health Coverage Due to Reform?

Losing health insurance coverage because of reform is complicated and frustrating - we understand.  Some employers are offering insurance allotments for their employees to shop on their own, others are simply deferring their employees to the exchanges and leaving your coverage to chance. Either way - R&R's individual health insurance specialists can help you find the right coverage for yourself and your family.